Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Steps of Applying Makeup

The art of applying makeup must always start with clean skin. There is no point in putting makeup on skin that already has makeup of the previous day on it because you will only clog up your pores and hurt your skin, and the makeup will cake and blotch and may look strange and unflattering on last night\'s leftovers. If you have the perfect mouth, then you can follow your own lip line and not using a pencil to line your lips. Merely brush the lipstick on your lips. If you want your upper lip to look more protruding and attractive, do this with your highlighter: Carefully notice the cleft, or indentation, between your nose and upper lip. Put a lighter foundation or a highlighter there-it reflects light and makes the upper lip look as if it is protruding.Lipstick provides the final touch to your make-up and without it no look is complete. For a perfect result, you will need a steady hand, some practice, the correct implements and knowledge of the correcting techniques. A narrow, flat ended brush, a selection of finely sharpened lip pencils, lip gloss and lipstick. If your lip color is uneven, then you will need a special lip base or balancer and use a lighter tone on the dark areas and a dark tone on light areas. These balancers help to keep the color of the lipstick pure, clear and natural.

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